“Honor flight was the most wonderful time of my life and I will cherish it in my heart forever."

- William Kenneth Miller, WII Veteran, October 2013

“It was a once in a lifetime event and made a deep, lasting impression… I’ll always have fond memories of the entire experience.“

- Bob Rhodes, WWII veteran, October 2013.

“Everywhere I go people stop me to hear about the trip. I will never forget all the people who came up to me and the other veterans, grabbed our hands and offered a ‘God bless you,’ and ‘thanks,’ and ‘welcome home."

- Richard Adams, WWII veteran, June 2014.

“The send-off & welcoming home was something we never experienced before or after World War II.”

- Ralph G. Ritchie, WWII veteran, October 2013

“It was the greatest show of appreciation I received for my service to my country during that historic war.”

- John F. Clarke, WWII veteran, October 2013

“They did everything to keep us safe. Never in my long life have I felt so good about myself and my world. If you know a WWII vet, tell him or her about this. There is not one penny of cost!!”

- Guyla Burhans, WWII veteran, April 2014

“You made me feel extremely important, beyond what I can express in words.”

- Leonard Heinrichs, WWII veteran, October 2013

"If you can, become a Guardian – it will change your life forever, as it did mine!”

- Darren Schmall, guardian, September 2014.

“Thanks to all who made this mission possible and the most fabulous event in my life. Except maybe the birth of my two sons.”

- Al Bennett, WWII veteran, October 2014.

Let's Come Together to Give Our Veterans One More Tour With Honor:

The Honor Flight Network consists of over 100 independent non-profit hubs across the United States. Our Central Valley chapter is currently raising funds to charter planes that will send our veterans to Washington D.C. in commemoration of their sacrifice, and in honor of their service to our country. One hundred percent of all donations go toward funding these flights. Please join us in giving back to those who gave it all so that we could be free.





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