It’s important all local WWII veterans who have yet to experience a Central Valley Honor Flight, apply now for a CV Honor flight.

While priority has and will continue to be given to World War II veterans, we honor Korean and Vietnam War veterans on a space available basis. Central Valley Honor Flight believes all veterans should have this kind of opportunity and encourages them to apply now.

Central Valley Honor Flight is committed to honoring local WWII, Korean War and Vietnam War veterans by sending them to see their memorials in Washington D.C. Since its inaugural flight in October 2013, our non-profit organization has sent 706 WWII veterans, 330 Korean War veterans, and 27 Vietnam War veterans and their travel “Guardians” on 16 separate trips and counting.
Help us continue to commemorate their sacrifice and honor their service to our country. One hundred percent of all donations fund these flights at no cost to the veterans. Please join us in giving back to those who made many great sacrifices so that we could be free.
Each trip costs roughly $1,500 per veteran for the charter aircraft, tour buses, lodging and meals – an expense covered by Central Valley Honor Flight entirely through donations from more than 1,000 individuals, small businesses and service clubs from Modesto to Porterville. All donations to our federal, nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization are tax deductible. Contributors should consult their tax advisor concerning the financial benefits of making such a donation.

The only spouses permitted to go on the trip TOGETHER are those who are BOTH veterans.

Flights are funded completely by donations to ensure no cost for our honored veterans. Veterans should only bring money for personal expenses, such as souvenirs. All meals and trip expenses are covered by Central Valley Honor Flight.

Most of our veterans will need to use a wheelchair for all, or a good portion of the day. Central Valley Honor Flight brings enough wheelchairs and support personnel to accommodate every veteran on each flight.

We are not able to take motorized wheelchairs on the aircraft. Veterans may bring their canes and “walkers” for use at the hotel. Veterans who have never used a wheelchair before are welcome to take a rest during a portion of the day. We recognize these three days are long and may be tiring, but your traveling Guardian or a staff member will assist you whenever needed.

Any veteran requiring oxygen must submit a prescription from the doctor for oxygen use while on the trip. The prescription must identify delivery method (mask or nasal cannula), frequency (as needed or continuously) and the rate of delivery (liters per minute). Our Medical Director will contact you a few weeks before the trip to ensure arrangements are made for oxygen while in Washington, DC.

Yes, other than a spouse, family members or friends (aged 18-72) are eligible to be traveling Guardians if they are physically capable of assisting the veteran during the entire trip. ALL Guardians are required to make a $1,200 tax deductible donation beginning 30 days before their assigned trip date to cover their travel expenses. It is “all-inclusive”, covering airfare, hotel, meals, tour buses, travel gear and snacks. All travel arrangement are made in advance by the Trip Leader.

Only one family member may act as a guardian per veteran. If other family members (example: both sons) wish to be on the trip, they must apply to be Guardians assigned to another veteran.

However, we do encourage family members to meet veterans at the memorials in Washington D.C. If it is helpful, they can be given the name ohe groups hotel and book their own rooms. Unfortunately, ONLY the veterans and Guardians may enjoy the contracted group meals.

Guardians play a very significant role. Essentially, they act as the veteran’s safety “always only an arm’s length away bodyguard”! Duties include: physically assisting their veteran at the airport, during the flight, on and off tour buses, at the hotel and at the memorials. Guardians also remind veterans to take medications, ensure that they are dressed for the weather and they stay hydrated throughout the trip. Guardians get veterans where they need to be at the allotted times (airport, dinners, bus, etc.) A full itinerary is provided to Guardians and veterans two weeks before the trip.

Other ways guardians can assist:

  • Take photos. While the veterans are busy taking pictures of the memorials, it is wonderful to have the guardians take photos of the veteran throughout the day. Photos that show the veterans enjoying the sites are the ones most cherished by family and friends.
  • Engage. You will have the opportunity and privilege of hearing firsthand accounts of the war to end all wars! Ask questions as appropriate and listen. Some of our veterans have fought in the Battle of the Bulge, survived Pearl Harbor, landed on the beaches of Normandy, stormed Iwo Jima and engaged in a multitude of notable and critical battles. The camaraderie of this trip will entice many to tell their stories.
  • Inform spouse: Speak with the spouse in advance of the trip. Many of our veterans have not been separated from their spouses for quite some time. It’s nice to reassure beloved husbands and wives that the veteran is in very capable hands.

You will be assigned to one veteran. In rare cases, you may be asked to accompany two veterans if they are able to walk unassisted. Please note that while you will be assigned a specific veteran(s), Guardians work as a team and assist other Guardians and veterans as needed.

Yes. All guardians are expected to attend a 2 – hour training session in Fresno on a Saturday either one week or 2 days before their scheduled trip.